Pillow Talk

When is the last time you tried to fail? When is the last time you really stepped up to the plate, and gave it every last ounce of gumption you

Voila the Viola!

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So, we always brag about how this GPP program renders a broad fitness. I continually tell people about things in there life will just become easier. Even things that are

The Moment

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There are times in life when time seems to slow more or less to a halt, and in this moment is your opportunity to engage, experience, and feel, or you

Wiping the Whiteboard

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Each day we write a new workout on the whiteboard. To those of you that are involved in the community, you know the feeling that stirs deep in your stomach

Your Goals are Irrelevant

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Hello! It’s your conscious here. Yes, again. Who would have thought a stupid blog would make you talk to yourself so much? In any case, it’s time to figure out