Wiping the Whiteboard

Each day we write a new workout on the whiteboard. To those of you that are involved in the community, you know the feeling that stirs deep in your stomach when the workout on the whiteboard is clearly a tough one. I have heard all kinds of stories about how people reveal this to themselves. Some stay up late at night and cannot rest until they know what the next day holds. Others wait until they come to the gym to look. I myself am one that likes to know.

This moment in time has such power over us sometimes. It creates those nervy butterflies in your stomach. It causes the infamous nervous pee. Some think about it all day, and some others never give it a thought. This phenomenon is much the same as the time in sports before a big game when you know you need to perform. I love this moment, and think that there is a lot to be had in dealing with this and getting through it.

After class is done, all that remains on the whiteboard are names and numbers. All the effort, emotion, and sweat from that day in ink right in front of our eyes. Some days are better than others. Some days we ring the PR bell, and some days we feel like the bar rang our bell. It all boils down to times, weights, rounds, and reps.

I think, however, there is much beyond that. This thing we do, this thing we pour so much of ourselves into isn’t represented by numbers. This experience, this community is about the people, it is about the experience. The numbers will always be there, and we will continue to push, and struggle, and improve, but don’t forget to enjoy it. Have a little bit of fun.

Remember we are just exercising, and at the end of the day we are going to wipe the whiteboard clean. And, tomorrow there will be a whole new set of names and numbers. The important part is about you doing this thing with us. Don’t discount the power of you. See you tomorrow.


Danny Lesslie



4/17/14 WOD

2 x 7 Front Squats + 13 Back Squats


AMRAP 20 min:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats
20 Double Unders