The Energy We Bring, the Reality We Make

Despite my proximity to the title, I wouldn’t say I’m a meathead. Nonetheless, the video above gave me the chills. One word comes to mind:


Of course, the passion surrounding team sports and a one rep max effort like the one above are the makings of a unique circumstance for energy, but to dismiss the effect of the energy we emit would be a failure, in my opinion. I believe things would have felt a lot different had this young man stepped under the bar in a dark, dingy weight room alone, for example.

Good vibes, Welchy.

Good vibes, Welchy.

The energy in the room made the entire experience. Since we have some control over the energy we bring, whether it’s positive, negative, loving, tense, or otherwise, I think we ought to steer our efforts to our own advantage. Who wouldn’t want to feel the way that young man felt for his one rep max effort? Heck, who wouldn’t want a room filled with perfect empathy in any scenario?

When you come to the gym, you’re contributing to its energy. Chances are someone could really use your help.


Logan Gelbrich




4/18/14 WOD

Complete the following for quality:
One Arm KB Overhead Squat
Ring Dips

Complete five rounds for time:
9 Hang Power Cleans (115/75)
200m Run

*Rounds start every three minutes
**Athletes receive five scores (time)