Skill, Meet Strength

If you had some cheese, tomato sauce, dough, and fresh spices you’d have all the ingredients you’d need to make a pizza. Having the ingredients isn’t everything that’s required to make at pizza, however. Consider you need some skills to make a pizza, not just the ingredients.

You’ll need to know what order to mix the ingredients. You’ll need to know how much of each ingredient to use and when to use them. Plus, there is that whole thing about knowing how long to cook it for and at what temperature. No one likes burnt pizza after all.

Today we will train muscle ups.

Many of you have the ingredients to cook up a nice muscle up. You have some pulling strength. You have some pushing strength. Yet, the part that is likely lost on you is when to pull, how much of your pulling strength to use and when to use it, how to transition to pressing, etc. Follow?

Cooking pizzas and doing muscle ups require some key ingredients and some skill. With a skill-based approach, you’ll have better success in compiling your strengths to tackle a complex movement like the muscle up.


Logan Gelbrich




4/30/14 WOD

Skill: Muscle up drills, transitions, negatives

Complete the following for time:
30 Pull ups
30 Dbl KB Clean and Jerk (53/35)
800m Run
30 Dlb KB Clean and Jerk
30 Pull ups