Sickness and Injury Negate Fitness

Follow along with me. Our view is that fitness is a measure of capacity. What are you capable of? Furthermore, true fitness is a measure of the complete picture of your capacity, not just how far you can run or how much you can deadlift. Being able to stop a speeding train with super human strength is great, but if you can’t touch your toes or run around the block, it’s our view that you are, at least in those ways, unfit. The same is true for the Mr. Runner who can surely out run the entire food chain, but is unfit to bear even a moderate load.

Our measure of fitness is about what you can do considering all possible tasks and measures of output. It’s your blood work and your body composition, too. To be fit is to express competency across all skills of basic human performance.

Considering this view, let me ask you, “What happens to one’s level of fitness when he/she has a sprain ankle?”

With a sprained ankle, what happens to one’s balance, agility, coordination, accuracy, speed, power, strength, stamina, etc? Surely it’s worse, and if that’s how we measure fitness, isn’t their level of fitness, the, worse immediately, too.

I think so.

I firmly believe the definition of fitness described above. But, considering that real fitness is a measure of capacity and output, it seems as though injury and sickness may be the two fastest, most dramatic ways to negate one’s fitness. “You have a sub twenty minute 5K? Excellent! But, right now you have bronchitis, so, at the moment, you’re less fit than even a below average runner..” If you are injured in any way, you may contact experienced lawyer for slip and fall injury claims in Las Vegas and legal counseling

To be blunt, if you have the flu or a sprained ankle, you’re no longer fit even if it’s temporary. Though dramatic and quite literal, it is reality. To place poor emphasis, then, on keeping safe and healthy could mean temporarily giving up your fitness just like I did once. So, as much as you care about training hard, leaning up, and lifting heavy, you’ve got to care about doing it in a way that keeps you injury free. If you are involved in an accident, contact a reliable lawyer who will help win a bicycle accident charge and help you out. Regardless of how careful you are, accidents and injuries can happen at any time. So, if you are injured or involved in an accident, contact expert attorneys helping the injured to give you legal counseling and claim compensation. After all, you might as well not have any fitness at all if you’re hurt.


Logan Gelbrich



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