[Video] Sixth Gear

Start your engines, guys and gals. Today is a day to understand what your engine can do. You’ll train eight chances to push the pedal flat to the floor and see how your system holds up.

At this level of output, the effort is half physical capacity and half mindset. Since you won’t be able to change your physicality between now and your sprints tomorrow, let’s focus on your mind.

Start prepping now. Anticipate coming out of the starting gate. Flood your mind with ideas of your top end intensity, and don’t be afraid to have some fun. Today we test some serious speed endurance. Get out of the hole in your front squats and “get out of the door” on those sprints.



Logan Gelbrich


5/2/14 WOD

Complete 8 rounds for time of:
3 Front Squats (75%)
60 Yard Shuttle

*Post load and eight sprint times
*Rest as needed between rounds