Exercise Toys Out Shine Sandbags

What are the chances that the day I’m making sandbags out of Army surplus duffle bags and gravel (how cool is that?), that a guy strolls up to the gym looking to sell me a new fitness product he’s selling? In any case, he was nice and respectful, so I was all ears.

Long story short, he was selling one of those ab roller things. It was plastic, shiny, well-branded. It was an exercise toy.

The timing was impeccable. I’m grateful, to be honest, because there are some nights that these blogs don’t come easy. The contrast between what I was making and what he was selling was remarkable. sandbags

His product screamed magic and beauty. It had amenities and features. It promised everything.

My sandbags screamed nothing. They had nothing notable about them at all. They promised nothing.

The richness in what we’re doing here will be found, developed, and expressed in you. Our equipment is basic and boring. You are the only thing magical and beautiful around here. And, we like it that way.


Logan Gelbrich




1/23/14 WOD

OHS 3-3-3-3-3-3-3

3, 6, 9, 12..
Sandbag Get Ups (AHAP)