General Fitness

Over Thanksgiving, Raffi and I were fortunate enough to go skiing in Santa Fe with her family. We went up to 12,000 feet and went barrelling down a mountain for the majority of the day. We did fast runs, we did moguls, we went through the trees, we did a few 360s and took plenty of spills. All was in good fun.

We had a blast and at the end of the day, weren’t really too tired to speak of, and were injury free. We were never in question of our physical capability to do so. Not ignoring both of us have skied in our past, I will say that neither of us are professionals by any means. But to have the freedom, in a physical sense to go up a mountain and come down and not question whether it is possible is plenty of reason for me to train in a GPP way.

General physical skills are something we all need. Whatever your choice of leisure activities are, your body will be with you. I am thankful for the movements that I struggle with, and the flexibility that I consistently have to work on. Because of these challenges that I face in the hallowed walls of this place, I have the ability to freely roam outside of here.

Nick says, "Rain? No problem!"

Nick says, “Rain? No problem!”

I see a lot of athletes getting down on themselves for missing a rep, or not finishing a workout fast enough. I am as guilty as the next person. I believe that it has some merit to take a step back and remember that this is just exercise. We are all here to get better. None of us are getting paid to get fourteen rounds in that AMRAP. If you can’t do a workout RX, there should be no reason to have a negative taste in your mouth.

Next time you come to the gym, think about that when choosing your weights and picking your scaling. See if it may have an effect on the outcome of the workout, or the attitude you have during and after. I am by no means condoning putting forth a lacking effort. Work hard, play hard by all means, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

See you at the gym.


Danny Lesslie


1/5/14 WOD

1 Snatch
1 Hang Snatch (AHAP)


Then, complete the following for reps:

Tabata Squats
8 rounds:
:20 Max Squats
-Rest 10 sec-

**Athletes score will be the lowest recorded round total