Whole Life Challenge Registration Open!

The time is now! The Whole Life Challenge is our next big community challenge. It’s an eight week long lifestyle game that starts January 11th. This challenge is our biggest of the year and anyone can play. The challenge is comprised of three parts: performance improvement, body transformation, and points in a daily lifestyle game (nutrition, sleep, hydration, mobility, exercise, etc).


Mark in a sumo stance of authority.

We’ll likely see a majority of our students, and droves of friends and family play, as well. Let me say, the power of this game cannot be captured in words. If you’ve never played the WLC with us, watch this short video above to get caught up.

This entire worldwide movement was started locally by our friends at CrossFit Los Angeles, so we’ve got a ton of experience with it. I know you have questions, and we are ready to answer them. Reach out to a coach about any questions and concerns.

In the mean time, get signed up! This game, in my opinion, provides a structure and support system to accomplish fitness and lifestyle goals that are impossible at worst and improbable at best on our own.

Click here to get signed up! 

Want even more chance to succeed? Enroll those around you, too!


Logan Gelbrich




12/13/13 WOD

Complete 6 rounds of:
300′ Shuttle
2 Snatches (@85% 1RM)

**Rounds begin every three minutes