Cuing Strength

“Knees out.”

“Stand tall.”



“Shoulders back and down.”

Hearing these things will not make you stronger. I apologize. Cuing is important, don’t get me wrong. The idea is that with skill and position athletes can express their true potential, right? Well, don’t forget that we’re trying to maximize your potential here… today.. with the strength and fitness you have right now.

You can’t cue strength.

'Twitch' front racked.

‘Twitch’ front racked.

For many athletes, this is a frustrating reality they’ve yet to realize. Searching for strength inside of technique can, in fact, be quite misguided. Many times the cold hard truth is simple:

You need to be stronger.

How many times have you stared angrily at a barbell that won’t seem to snatch itself? You’ve missed it four times and you’re debating whether or not to try it a fifth time. You’ve got two friends and three coaches listing off cues and observations to help you. Hell, you probably even broke out some Coach’s Eye app or a little iPhone 5s slow-mo to find the magical technique fail. Few times do we hear the greatest cue of all, in my opinion, that you need to get stronger.

Don’t believe me? These guys agree, too.

Be patient in building strength, but be diligent. It’s a long, critical road.


Logan Gelbrich




12/11/13 WOD

Spend 15 min on pistols,

Then, complete 3 rounds for time of:
15 Stone to Shoulder (1/2 BW)
10 Weighted Step Ups (Each) – (1/4 BW)