Staying Plugged In

When folks inquire about the gym and express a hectic work or travel schedule, I don’t get discouraged. I get excited. I get excited because I know that our structure offers an opportunity to stay plugged in where nearly any other gym or fitness opportunity does not.

The fact of the matter is, whether you have an erratic work schedule or unique traveling career or not, the holidays can be challenging times for health and fitness. The easy thing to do is to disconnect. It takes almost zero effort or decision makings to let the natural effects of the holiday season run its course. The time off, the food, the travel, and even in some cases the weather nearly guarantee a decline in fitness.

Tire flips!

Tire flips!

Not here.

I’m a firm believer that you and I can can eat our pumpkin pie (and go for seconds), and not fall off the wagon. You see, we’re building a lifestyle here and I’ll tell you what isn’t happening. You students are not currently “in training” only to take a break with the hopes of restarting after the new year. In fact, we’re doing the exact opposite.

We’re training through.

Some days you might not be coming in to class at the gym, but you can stay connected with a simple at home workout or a long walk with family. Keeping your mind “in the game” is most important thing you can do this holiday season.

Forget trying to portion control or find a pull up bar over the holidays but, on the other hand, don’t lose sight of where we’re headed. And, this train is headed towards looking, performing, and feelings better no matter what holidays you’re celebrating.

Need workouts while your gone? Ask a coach.

Afraid of adding extra holiday pounds? Celebrate Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner, for example, but don’t let it turn into Thanksgiving breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day before the holiday and the three days after, too.

Still worried? Embrace the community. I know a hundred other people in your shoes, and they’re called your classmates. Lean on your peers.


Logan Gelbrich


11/27/13 WOD

Complete 6 rounds for time of:
1 Tire Flip
3 Power Cleans (185/135)
5 Strict Pull Ups