[VIDEO] There’s No Trying in CrossFit

Wait, that’s not right. Of course there is. Trying, as a matter a fact, is a huge chunk of what this is all about. Think about how many different skills and demands we encounter in our training. There’s an element of newness in almost every single class. So, if you’ve got an aversion to trying new things, we’ve got to nip that idea in the butt right away.

You see, I’d argue that thinking more like a six year old than a forty-six year old around the gym will do more good than harm. Would a six year old worry about whether or not he/she will look good flipping a tire or doing a cartwheel? I know that most forty-sox year olds would. And, just like that, before we’ve even gotten started, the forty-six year old doesn’t have an opportunity to advance, while the six year old is cartwheeling to success.

Greg and Ronnie square off.

Greg and Ronnie square off.

This past Saturday I was floored by our community’s willingness to try. Simply put, a sizable group of athletes attended the ‘Skills and Drills’ class and they all participated in the skill of the day; the kipping ring muscle up. Looking at it like a six year old, one couldn’t really lose. Heck, swing around on the rings a bit, do a couple drills, and listen to some guy talk? Sounds like a birthday party!

But, we all know the “mature CrossFitter” in us can kick in to remind us to care about dumb stuff like how impossibly-dfficult-and-overall-disheartening muscle ups are. Whomp! Whomp!

Luckily, the room full of beginners were also full of willingness to try. And, the results were incredible!

Before you start getting all mental on a movement, training session, or life challenge, don’t forget to tap into your inner six year old and give tough things a good ‘ole fashioned try.


Logan Gelbrich




11/25/13 WOD

Complete 5 rounds for time of:
12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
90m Shuttle
12 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
90m Shuttle
-Rest 2 Min-