A Shot at the Title

You know, I’d be one mediocre coach if all I did was talk about squats all day. At the end of the day, we’re coaching a lifestyle of ownership, commitment, and productivity around here. Much, if not most, of that happens between the ears, I might add.

The changes that happen inside athletes at DEUCE include gaining muscle, losing fat, and some performance increases. However, as a coach, I’m most excited about the perspective changes, the attitude shift, and when students walk a little taller.

As a catcher, I worked with one hell of a pitching staff in college. Our pitching coach was tough, and his biggest asset to our staff was a mentality. He’d often be heard asking the rhetorical question, “Do you want a shot at the title?”

The PR bell.

The PR bell.

The humorous phrase was a hypothetical challenge to his players that displayed authority and garnered respect. His father was an Olympic level boxing coach and I’m sure it was inspired by his past, but I loved hearing it.

Now, I’m not encouraging macho jargon or any gym-wide brawls, but I like the mentality. Do you feel like you’ve got to earn the respect of others? Is each day a proving grounds for you?

Or, like my old coach, are you already holding the title? Of you’re coming from his perspective, you have the respect of those around you and it’s up to you to give someone else a chance to join your level.

Self respect, unfortunately, isn’t ubiquitous in the 21st century. What we know about training this way, committing to training, and managing some adversity is that it builds a certain mentality. It’s a mentality that you can walk around with in your back pocket and, in many cases, be better off because of it.

Are you a title holder?


Logan Gelbrich




11/22/13 WOD

Weighted Pull Up

Complete the following for time:
50 Push Press (95/65)
Then, 3 rounds:
15 Burpees
400m Run