“Is this a CrossFit gym?”

“I thought this was a CrossFit gym? Why doesn’t it say it everywhere?”

If you look hard enough you’ll find that we are, in fact, one of seven thousand other CrossFit Affiliates on the planet. We’re proud to be an affiliate, and I’ll be the first to tell you that our General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program is a CrossFit program, through and through.

“Then, what gives..” you ask?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ll agree that we offer much more than CrossFit. In fact, if that’s all you thought we offered you surely don’t understand our program. Our programming is free. At the end of this blog is another free workout, and there’s plenty more where that came from. We aren’t selling hard workouts here. Rather, we’re enrolling students into a school. And just like other remarkable schools, what happens in class is about 5% of the total experience.

“But, surely you could still put the word CrossFit everywhere and offer all your extras, right?”

Right. But, for me, this decision came down to a hypothetical situation. I couldn’t bear the thought of someone flipping through the Yellow Pages, driving down Lincoln Blvd, or surfing the internet and coming across this gym and thinking they have a single clue as to what goes on in this facility. It’d be disrespectful to every single student here. It wouldn’t be fair to the coaches and staff. Heck, it wouldn’t do anyone justice that has ever put a DEUCE tee shirt on his/her back.

I owe so much to CrossFit HQ, the community, and many of its affiliates. Most genuinely, I can say I love CrossFit. But, I’d like to add that if you’ve been to a thousand CrossFit gyms, you haven’t been to DEUCE.


Logan Gelbrich

9/1/13 WOD

Complete the following for time:

Squat Clean Thruster (135/95)
Candlestick Burpee