DEUCE Garage History: Part 2

In Part 1 of our series on the history of this facility, we talked about buried treasure – literally! We won’t be getting off topic too much in this installment, either. Believe it or not, we’re got tons of little details and historical significance around this place. This week I’d like to call your attention to part of our hotrod paint job. You see those big bold letters in the photo?

hold the standard

That’s real gold!

Our fabulous artist, Pacman Jack, is a renown pin-striper and sign maker. His specialty is hot rods and motorcycles, so naturally he was a perfect fit for our vintage garage theme. And, when he told us he was a gold leaf master, we decided we wanted in. The real gold paper is applied with a special glue, hand turned for the firetruck-like effect, and sealed.

Pacman Jack put it best, “If you guys ever move out in 10 years or something, I’m coming in there to cut that metal out of there. It’s that valuable.”

‘Hold the Standard’ is DEUCE Gym’s motto and we want to make it known. It’s not only a reminder to all the athletes in our program, but to our coaches and staff, as well. Whether, you’re in the gym or you’re walking out to your car to enter the ‘real world,’ the responsibility is still there.

Hold the standard.

8/22/13 WOD


Then, complete the following for time:
Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups
Thrusters (95/65)