Farewell to Our Favorite Marine

It is such a bitter sweet time at FFOTB. We couldn’t be more excited for our favorite Marine, Cassie Gesecki, as she embarks on a new set of orders in Okinawa, Japan with her fiancé, Dan. I’d be lying, however, if I didn’t mention that it breaks our heart to see her go.

This community atmosphere does wonders for one’s experience and fitness growth, but it sure doesn’t make saying goodbye very easy. Since Cassie’s first day, February 14th, she’s grown tremendously as an athlete. Her true colors as an experienced Marine are always shining through as a student. Her relentless attention to detail, spot on uniform (workout clothes, specifically one of a kind lulu pants), and remarkable work ethic has made her a coach’s dream.

In her time here, Cassie even competed in a fitness competition. That’s right. This Marine took on the very first Femme Royale competition and threw down against some of the fittest women in Southern California. She’s also enjoyed many skill adaptations and fitness test PRs both in our program and in the armed services.

I can’t express this enough when I say, we’ll surely miss you. But, like all motivated people of your caliber, this is natural evolution for you. May your future be full of accomplishments, globe trotting moves, and accolades.


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

Athlete’s Choice

1 Mile Run or 150 KB Wall Ball Shots

Complete “Athlete’s Choice”

-Rest 5 min-

Then, complete the other option faster than the first or pay a 45 Burpee penalty