Isn’t This Fun!? Wait.. Where Are Your Goals?

Students, I’m talking to you. Remember when you first came here? You wanted something. You bit the bullet and finally put yourself out there. And, I’ll tell you now (even if I told you then) how courageous of an act that was. I respect that, I really do.

Somewhere along the way, however, you learned how unique this group is. The hardest workouts of your life became something you looked forward to and you met people in class and even had fun. What a blessing, right?

Right! Except, what happened to all that stuff that motivated you to come here in the first place?

Yes, I’m talking about your goals. Did you lose the weight you wanted to? Are you as strong as you said you wanted to be? Or, how about that ‘summer body’ that you were after? How did that go?

I hate to kill the cheery mood, but I’m calling you out. Believe it or not, this sly move you did is bullshit. The accountability, the reality, the cold hard truth of losing ten pounds or getting healthy or changing your body has been replaced with the fun of doing hard workouts with your friends. I haven’t forgotten that you came here for something else. Have you?

Your goal wasn’t to simply not quit, your goals were real tangible things. And, unless you have them or are still in pursuit of them, we need to reevaluate. Stop in your tracks. Recognize your goals. Accept that they are difficult and, yes, failure is a looming possibility.

Re-engage. Play time is over.


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

5 rounds:
In 5 minutes:
1:00 Plank Hold
10 Hand Release Push Ups
400m Run
Max Walking Lunges
-Rest 2 min-