Pitch to Pitch Adjustments

*5:30 PM Class CLOSED for New Years*

Well, I guess in the world of training this title doesn’t make any sense. Let’s call it “Rep to Rep Adjustments.” The message is the same, however. Bear with me.

The title of the blog comes from my last career in baseball. You see, the game of baseball is quite complex and incredibly difficult (like life and this ‘fake gym’ stuff). The idea, then, is that during the course of a season, the best players are those that can make adjustments from pitch to pitch rather than inning to inning, game to game, or God forbid, week to week. Hips leaking on your swing? Better cut that out before the next pitch, not next week.

Moderately insane to very insane community participation.

Moderately insane to very insane community participation.

There’s no time to waste. Sure, this stuff is hard and mistakes are inevitable. What you can’t afford to do, however, is take days and weeks to make simple adjustments. The best students aren’t immune to mechanical mistakes, but those mistakes are often corrected quickly.

As a hitter, if I get beat by a fastball on the first pitch because I didn’t get my front foot down on time, then I can’t afford to get my foot down next game or next inning. I’ve got to make that adjustment for the next pitch, or I’ll be giving away costly opportunities.

This past Saturday was a blast at Barbell Club. We had three committed young men facing the ultimate equalizer: the barbell. There were plenty of successes in the day, but every single one of those gentlemen left performances on the table because they weren’t able to make a simple adjustment between reps. In this case, the adjustment was not receiving the barbell with an open hand in the rack position to increase elbow speed and finish the lift.

What’s the consequence? They’ll have to wait as long as until next Saturday to see if they can remedy this small adjustment. What did they give up? The chance to learn something new and make progress last Saturday (AKA a week of their weightlifting lives).

Don’t get me wrong. Some adjustments take weeks, months, and years to make, but regardless as to whether you’re in the batters box, the lifting platform, or life in general, you can’t afford to be slow in your adjustments. Baseball is a game that is about winning pitches, not games. This training, then, is about winning reps.

Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

In 6 minutes:
Run 1000m
Max Distance OH Walking Lunge (45/25)

-Rest 1 min-

3 rounds for time:
12 Goblet Squats
24 Lateral Plate Jumps
200m Run

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