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Last Thursday’s Mo’vember: Take Your Mustache to the Mat event at lululemon surely was a night to remember. Nearly forty men and women gathered at lululemon Santa Monica for a fun combination of fitness and yoga. The loose atmosphere kept things fun and the night even included a few surprises.

I was let in on a bit of secret a few weeks prior that Danny would become lululemon’s next Ambassador, which is an incredible honor. Danny’s infectious personality and his ability to serve as a technician in our fitness school is worth all the praise in the world and I couldn’t be more thrilled to pass the torch to a better guy.

No one saw the next surprise coming, however…

No words.

No words.

After the applause for Danny wrapped up, the lululemon staff then described FFOTB’s unique ability to affect the community of Santa Monica for the better. In addition, the lululemon Santa Monica store happens to be a “Maven Store,” which has a specific budget allotted for the staff to use as they see fit for extra curricular activities in the community.

Before we knew it, a giant check like the one’s you see given to champion surfer’s or something was placed in my hands. I nearly cried. lululemon Santa Monica chose to award their entire Maven Budget to FFOTB as a grant.

Outdoor exercise in the park has recently be a hot topic in the media as the City of Santa Monica is considering strict regulation (Imagine that!) of such activity in the park. As a result, FFOTB’s existence as we know it is in jeopardy. This grant will help our efforts to continue to be the finest training school in Southern California.

I don’t doubt the future of our fitness school. We may have to adapt, improvise, and over come, however. We couldn’t be more grateful for our wonderful relationship with our community, and lululemon especially. We believe in the vision of lululemon and as we continue to make our vision a reality, we could only hope to support each other indefinitely.

Thank you!


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

Spend 15 min to Find Max Load Thruster

Thrusters (95/65)
Hand Release Pushups


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