Do. Not. Accept. Anything. Less.

Sure, this place is fun. It’s personable, loose, and light hearted. Under all of that, however, we couldn’t be more serious. This is our passion. You and this community are our greatest concern. It’s what we fall asleep thinking about and waking up thinking about.

Keeping that in mind, there’s nothing I’ve shared with you all that I’d want you to be more serious about than the message I have for you today. If you’re reading this in passing, sit down. If you’re distracted, either come back to this later or focus up. I want you to listen to this video like your life depended on it. My concern with this topic is the greatest of any concern I have, and I could only hope that you focus on it’s message half as much as I want you to..


Every single one of you that watch this should be struck with something so deep inside you that it’s unsettling. Few of you will do anything about it. Whether your inactivity is due to fear or not knowing what to do is beside the point. I am writing you today to echo the very words in this video. You ought to have one concern and that is to search for an existence that maximizes your entire potential.

Do. Not. Accept. Anything. Less. 

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.
Winston Churchill

If we teach you nothing about fitness here, at least learn by example  about what it means to accept nothing, no excuse, reason, justification, realistic analysis, or otherwise for anything other than your passion on the Earth. For many of you this means big changes. It means scary changes like moving away, quitting your job, leaving behind a bad relationship, or worse.

I’m not here to tell you self actualization isn’t as scary as it seems. I am here to tell you what you already know..


Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

Complete three rounds for reps of:

30 Sec Max Mtn Climbers
30 Sec Max Deadlift (185/115)
-Rest 2 min-

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