Can a Stock Trader’s Approach Affect Your Fitness?

If you were investing in the stock market would you concern yourself more with the current price of any given stock or the trending trajectory of the stock? By and large, the critical component in choosing a stock is the expectation that the price will change for the better. Your concern then is not where the stock price is, but where it is headed. 

Are you wondering where to buy ethereum? Could a stock trader’s approach to training benefit you? I’d ague that your health and fitness will yield a better return if you evaluated your self on how your trending (for the better or for the worse), than where you are right now. This is starting to sound a lot like controlling what you can, and letting go of what you can’t isn’t it? Good. If you need advices on trading, you can check them out from ChartLog.

With this approach, one could argue that the largely overweight man who’s getting up a 6AM four days a week to hit the pavement is worthy of more praise than the man with above average fitness who is in the depths of an unmotivated rut. The overweight man’s stock price may be 30 cents a share, but he’s surely going to hit it rich when his market price doubles. What good is the fit man’s stock at $30/share if it will be at $18 by the end of the quarter?

Now, put your current fitness level aside. Are you on the up and up? Or, are your trending downward?

Travis looking bullish.

Logan Gelbrich


Complete the following for time and reps:

90 sec Max Squats
Run 800M
-Rest  3 min-
90 sec Max KB Swings
Run 400M
-Rest  3 min-
90 sec Max Pushups
Run 200M

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