Complex Skills: The Cold, Hard Truth

Complex skills are pesky things aren’t they? This is true of anything from learning to play the piano, to calligraphy and mastering your jump shot. In our world of strength and conditioning, these complex skills comes in shades of human movement. For us it’s usually either a complex gymnastics skill or a complex weightlifting skill that will give us the most trouble.

Not only are these skills tough to master, they teach with nothing but tough love. That’s the cold hard truth about doing that which is difficult. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I feel like I ought to be brutally honest.

Handstand walks don’t care how frustrated you are. That 165lb barbell you’re trying to clean could care less about whether or not you’ve “done it before.” Furthermore,  you know that pesky little tidbit about getting to extension in your jump? It doesn’t care that you’re “trying.”

Cold, isn’t it? It’s ruthless if you ask me.

Well, dark as this message may seem. I am writing with a productive point in mind. Swallow the tough pill I just described, and leave your explanations and reasons behind when learning a complex skill. Don’t bring your emotion to the table. It’s unnecessary baggage at this point. Leave all the “but I..” stories and the other validation in the car.


When you step out on to that gym floor, dive in deep to your learning. You aptitude for the skill will not come faster than you learn it. Period. Success in the world of strength and conditioning cannot be redeemed with excuses, emotion, or other reasoning. 

110 Push Ups – Woah!

Dig in.

Logan Gelbrich


Friday’s Workout:

For time:
40 Squats
40 Push Press (65/45)
40 Thrusters
800m Run
40 Thrusters
40 Push Press
40 Squats

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