Recap: SICest of the Southwest

It was a family affair this past weekend in Phoenix, AZ as we combined forces with CrossFit LA in a road trip of fitness and fun. With familiar faces participating in a multitude of capacities from competing to spectating and supporting, the event was a blast. Much like class, though intimidating, the competition supported athletes of nearly any skill level to participate, whether it be in the team competition, one of the various individual divisions, or a single skill challenge called , “The Hustle.”

I couldn’t be more proud of our community and our extended family in CrossFit LA. We caravanned together, competed together, we cheered together, we ate together, and we even shared that raspy desert lung together.

Highlights included an impressive showing from Dad in event one, which he concluded by tearing off his shirt and spiking it to the ground in post touchdown fashion. Though Travis was injured and didn’t compete, his presence there this weekend couldn’t be emphasized enough. Hell, he even came 7 seconds shy of taking home prize for fastest 1K row in “The Hustle.” In a similar light, Anne Carr rocked the handstand hold event with a PR by over a minute! Lindsey jokingly called, “Time!” six minutes into an 8 minute AMRAP with a smile on her face as she tore up the intermediate division. Danny and I did our best to hold our own with all the famous male competitors in the RX division, and Marek and Hacker represented Team CFLA well coordinating their efforts in my personal favorite style of competition, the Team Event.


It’s funny. Though we took a trip out to Phoenix for this competition, I’m sure many of the folks that went along would agree that the details of the events have slipped our minds. It’s the times together that stick with you, not how many burpees were done or who came in what place. The same is true of other sports. I couldn’t tell you much about what happened in the 6th inning of a notable game in my baseball career, but I’ve got tons of memories on the bus and in the locker room.

Whether you made the trip or not, with these thoughts ripe in my mind, I’d like to reemphasize the value and importance of people. Simply put, if you get enough good people together the magical things happen. If you have an idea or any inkling at all to do something, whether it’s a sprint triathlon, dinner at Baby Blues, or a trip to the driving range, do it! Just say yes and plan it, and I guarantee you’ll have a small army of us behind you.

Where to next?!

Logan Gelbrich


3 rounds for time and reps:

100M Sprint
Then @ 90 seconds, AMRAP 3:
6 jumping lunges
6 pushups
-Rest 3 min-

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