IPG Wins with Food

-Saturday Class Cancelled for the Competition in Phoenix-

What’s odd to me, as a coach and as an athlete, is the population of folks that are willing to take on grueling exercise, and even take on surgery (yes, surgery) to achieve certain body composition, but won’t tackle their nutrition. The idea that some people would rather go under the knife than eat good food is nothing short of shocking to me.

On the other hand, check out how Brian trained zero times with us and changed his life:


[vimeo https://vimeo.com/51774881]

This story is one worth telling because of how much I believe in real food nutrition. Hell, the message of the story may even mean worse business for FFOTB, but it’s the truth. What you consume for fuel is requisite for nearly all of our fitness goals. To pay us a boat load of money and to train your ass off (SEE: “Grandma’s House”) and not plug in the nutrition piece, seems to be a waste, in many ways, of hard earned money and painful sweat. Here’s a guy whose job took him away from training for months. He came back a changed man simply because of our nutrition program.

Sittin’ around the white board.

Eat real food. Period.


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

-No Class in Leu of SICFIT’s SICest of the SW Competition-

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