Core Values Installment #2: Self

Well the good news is, You are already your self.  Sounds a bit funny to hear that, but I feel like it is a bit more complicated than it sounds.  A lot of  people are out there going through their daily lives trying to be somebody else.  Many other are paying attention to what others are doing instead of what they are.  I am just as guilty of this as you.
Each of us is different from the next.  It’s in those those differences, however, lies your true beauty.  FFOTB is a place where we celebrate those differences.  Be yourself, be your best self.  Value yourself. Self is the reason you came here in the first place isn’t it?

Hooked in.

Valuing yourself has the capacity to change your life completely.  What are the things that make you happy?  What are your own personal selfish goals?  I’ll never understand the struggle we all have with self respect. One of Logan’s favorite quotes is out of a brick of a book called The Fountainhead and it reads, “Ask anything of men. Ask them to achieve wealth, fame, love, brutality, murder, self-sacrifice. But don’t ask them to achieve self-respect. They will hate your soul.” A bit dramatic.. but it gets the point across. Why is it that so many of us can’t wait for the opportunity to self sacrifice? Is it to let ourselves off the hook?
As a member of the “Nation,”  I want to have my peers to have a very strong sense of self.  When you are firing on all cylinders you are a better person. Period.  If you are happy with yourself, your ability to be successful in all your endeavors becomes easier. You place in this community is to improve your fitness. Let us, then, not ever lose focus of self.
Think about this.  Write some things down.  Let’s make tomorrow a day where you go after these things.  Go harder in a workout and accept failure and success as yours and yours alone.
Cheers to YOU!
Danny Lesslie
Tuesday’s Workout:
Buy In: 50 Mtn Climbers (1ct)
30 KB Clean
30M KB OH Lunge
30 KB Swings
400M Run
30 KB Swings
30M KB OH Lunge
30 KB CleanCash Out: 50 Squats

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