Annealing FFOTB

Did you know that there is a distinct chemical process by which steel is made? This process is called annealing. Annealing is a process of heating a substance and slowly cooling it. In the steel making process, for example, iron ore is annealed to form steel as molecules align during the cooling process.

Without this distinct chemical change, iron ore cannot morph into something stronger, like steel. Though this is quite a specific instance, I’d like to argue that we can find examples like this all over our environment. Positive adaptation often requires a breakdown of some sort. In order to produce another version of greater capacity, things ought to endure adversity and hardship. I’d call is requisite of all significant growth.  Ever grown roses? One of the best tools to grow big tall flowers is to first cut them down.

Powerful beyond imagination.

This “breakdown” can manifest itself in a multitude of ways depending on the subject. In human beings alone we can find many perfect metaphors for this, from rigorous physical training to emotional breakdown.

I see ‘The Nation’ experiencing a bit of it’s own annealing process with the death of Diesel, even. Though no one hurt more than Danny, we all hurt. The lightening bolt of pain struck us down. We all stopped. Each of us, at our own pace, however, have begun to emerge from the news closer to the next person. The bonds here are stronger, no different than the increasing strength of bonds in steel when compared to that of its old iron ore self.

Use this understanding as breakdowns and lightening bolts strike your life. Often times the more powerful and dramatic the meltdown, the stronger and more significant changes you will settle into.

FFOTB: Strong as Steel


Logan Gelbrich


Tuesday’s Workout:

“Rep for Rep”

In teams of two or three:

Round 1:
Team A
Run 200m
Plank Hold (option)
Max Thrusters

Team B
Rebuttal for time

Round 2:
Team A
Run 800m
Max Front Squats (1 partner working at a time)

Team B
Rebuttal for time

Tie breaker: 200m Relay

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