Celebrating Light in a World of Darkness

Today I heard a story that shook me a bit.  I met a girl this morning at the coffee shop.  I see her most days, as I go to the same coffee shop every morning at just about the same time.  Most mornings I just give people a nod or a wave as I am not much for a lot of early morning conversation.  Later that day she told me that her young, active brother had his leg amputated on Monday.  I will leave out the details, but the story is tragic. My prayers go out to her brother and her family.
 My first reaction was to question why.  I was immediately in my own head, “why would she tell me this? She doesn’t even know me.”  I barely knew this person, and she chose to tell me that she “felt like [she] should share this with me.”   That was interesting, but the darkness of this instance wasn’t unique by any means for me in the last couple weeks.

Set a tone of positivity.

Last week, I was made aware of another terrible event.  A friend of mine lost her mother in a tragic car accident last week.  My prayers also go out to her and her family.  I will leave out the details in respect for her.

And then again, last night I was getting ready for bed and learned that a beating had taken place outside my house.  This beating was a vicious event. He was in very bad shape when I saw him and I would be surprised if the man will ever regain normal life.  Calling it gruesome doesn’t do it justice.
Here are three irrelated events that are the epitome of human destruction.  I still feel sick when I hear about them or think about them.  I feel that these things have been presented in my life for a reason and something positive must come from it.
One thing that has always stood out to me about people in this part of the world, as opposed to where I was raised is that people her seem to celebrate life daily.  This is the conclusion that I am drawing from these instances:
I am going to celebrate my life, I am going to celebrate the body I have.  I am going to work out till I fall down.  I am going to laugh as much as I can.  I have got hugs for all of you.  I am sorry for the post that doesn’t seem to be so positive, but I believe that good will always win. Darkness is never far, and I saw that. It’s our duty, then, to bring positivity to life.
Come out to the bluffs, celebrate the body that you have.  Come sweat and laugh.  I promise that when you leave you will be happier and healthier than when you arrived.  Let’s make this day “Better than Yesterday.”
Danny Lesslie
Friday’s Workout:
Two teams will take on two different workouts. Each team draws three cards which determine the movements and the rep scheme. Both complete AMRAP 20.
Hearts – Burpees
Spades – Pushups
Clubs – Situps
Diamonds – Jump Squats
Example: 9 of hearts, 5 of diamonds, and 10 of clubs is:
9 Burpees
5 Jump Squats
10 Sit Ups

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