Sorry to Interrupt

**Dynamic Duo PR Challenge Finals Day**

If you’ve ever taken class at our fitness school, you can relate to that moment when you’re in the middle of a workout and the coach interrupts your blazing repetitions to say something. Depending on your perspective, you may be relieved   that Danny or I are giving you a reason to stop for a moment and catch your breath – Phew! Or, you might view the minor interruption as a nuisance to your world record workout time, or score.

Judging by the looks on some student’s faces, often times folks seem to feel more rudely interrupted than relieved to hear feedback from a coach.

I’m here to take a look at this situation with you outside the “heat of battle.” Think about why you come here. What are the things you want from this program? What ways indicators would you use evaluate the success of your time with us?

Coachability. That’s a word now.


I think it’s a safe bet that many of you don’t enroll into our school to beat other people in workouts. Of course, the competition aspect is often a refreshing motivator for folks new to our program, but finishing your workout in 12:47 instead of 12:14 isn’t a deal breaker for most, especially in the long run.

If you want to relish in victory, join a beer league softball team. This is about growing your fitness and creating a lifestyle that includes all of your goals. Sure, I want you to be competitive and give your best effort, but I also want you to be as selfish as you can about the opportunities you have to be coached.

Next time you feel like a coach’s conversation with you about barbell placement is hindering your ability to beat the girl (or guy) next to you, it might be time to reconsider what the value is for you in this program. The better you move and the more coachable you allow yourself to be, the bigger fitness you will have access to. 

If a coach has something specific enough to bring to you mid-workout, consider yourself blessed with an opportunity to walk back to your car that day better off than when you came in. And, THAT is the name of the game.


Logan Gelbrich


Saturday’s Workout:

“Dynamic Duo PR Challenge” FINALS

With a partner, complete 3 rounds for time of:
15 Front Squats (135/95)
300 Yard Shuttle

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