Always Enough

In college, our hitting coach, Jay Johnson, was an incredible coach. His specialty was mental skills. In baseball, hitting provides as much injustice, frustration, and unrequited love as one can handle. Clearly, Coach Johnson’s area of expertise had value.

One of Coach Johnson’s hallmark lines is: “All you can do is all you can do, and that’s always enough.”

I understand most of you aren’t gripped with the planning and execution of something as specific as hitting in an even count, in a non-exceuction situation with a right on right match up with a guy who has a plus-plus slider and good arm-side run (baseball gibberish). The value of accomplishing a given task in the midst of multiple variables, many of which are out of you control, however, is quite relevant to just about anyone.

Marek swings with the best of ’em.

This is about getting the job done. Think about the silly, but powerful statement coach often told us. Essentially, his advice is to do everything you can. Prepare, plan, execute with passion, because that’s all you can control. Luckily, though you can’t do anything more, you don’t need to either. For some, that very statement relieves a giant weight from their shoulders.

Are you maxed out and still beating yourself up over results you can’t change? Control what you can and find comfort in the results; good or bad.


Logan Gelbrich


Monday’s Workout:

AMRAP 2 (Rest 2 min) then AMRAP 4 (Rest 4 min), then complete the following for time:

10 Deadlifts (225/155)

15 Med Ball Cleans

20 Med Ball Slams

25 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)

30 Burpees

400m Run






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