The Underdog

Sport, like in life, isn’t about what’s on paper. If sports were played by the rules of Excel spreadsheet analytics, what joy could we find in outcomes we already knew were coming? Life is that way, too. Things get grey. Competition is fueled by the very idea that things aren’t set in stone. You’ve got to earn victory, and many times the team, person, or business that is “supposed” to win, gets beat by someone who tried harder, prepared better, or otherwise.

In the same way that teams and athletes find ways to separate from the pack to win, how can we do the same in our lives? On paper, the numbers probably say you’ll end up being just another dude or just another chick. Let’s get real though. You think you can be more, right? You want more, right?

Winner winner.

That’s were it all starts. How can you utilize strategy, planning, and preparation to separate yourself from the pack?


Logan Gelbrich


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