There’s a Reason for That

There’s no door to get in, or even one to slam as you leave. There won’t be “that guy” with his headphones on creeping everybody out in the corner. There’s no polo shirt smiling faces at a check-in counter when you walk in. There aren’t any Top-40 hits playing over the speakers. No need to wait for your machine or treadmill to open up either. We don’t have those.

Does it make sense to you to sit while you train? It seems like most gym equipment comes with a padded seat and a seat belt. 95% of all athletic activity takes place on your feet, why train any differently? Take note of how many of our lifts take place in the standing position. There’s a reason for that.

OK, so maybe the only reason for the view is it looks good..

If all exercise was interchangeable, why in the world would be pick such complicated movements? Heck, it’d save me a lot of time and effort to just tell people go faster or slower than to actually teach them something. If 20 minutes on the elliptical and AMRAP 20: 12 Thrusters, 24 Med Ball Slams, 200m Run were the same thing, it’d make much better business sense to own a room full of ellipticals, wouldn’t it? Since you’ve yet to see a machine in our training, just know there’s a reason for that, too.

This fitness school may always be more incredible than it appears, especially given how much we look like other gyms.. dare I say bootcamps? Forgive me. Well, I go to bed each night with the comfort in knowing that there’s a reason for everything thing we do. While other may fill an hour with fitness flavored activities, we train with purpose.

Ever wonder why we do somethings, and not others? Ask. I bet there’s a reason for that.

Logan Gelbrich


Wednesday’s Workout:

33 Alternating 1-Arm KB Swings
11 Burpees
200m Run

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