“Hey, kid. Stay in school.”

“Stay in school.” You heard it from your parents, and that annoying family friend that loved any chance to “know it all.” The cliche statement served a very specific purpose, however. It’s purpose was to bridge the gap. It’s to help kids keep their head in the game from the point when they realize they hate school and graduation. For some it meant graduating high school, and for later generations it usually meant graduating college.

School’s in session.

I think it’s great. It’s flawed, but it’s pretty effective at getting the job done.

The great thing about the statement is that it promotes what I naively assume is the mission of life, which is to drive aggressively down the road of betterment. The big flaw in the statement is that it’s finite, and in some ways, it’s a plea. “Just hang on and work for a few more years and then you can succumb to laziness, mediocrity, or both”

The kids (most of them) do it well. They heed the advice. Who cares why? Maybe they just do it to please their parents or they feel like they have no other choice. Either way, they finish what they started.

My concern is with the parents. Shouldn’t they, too, “stay in school?” Not literally advancing a formal education, but many adults view progress and development as a box that is now checked in their lives.

You’ve paid your dues. And, to the extent of schooling, I have, too. Here’s the deal, though… neither of us know jack. Don’t forget it. We’ve got a lot to learn and it’s a wild world out there. Let’s bear down like there’s no graduation.

Be humble. Stay in school.


Logan Gelbrich


Thursday’s Workout:

In 7 minutes complete as many reps as possible:
3 Hang Cleans + 3 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
3 Med Ball Throw to Sit Up
6 Hang Cleans + 6 Shoulder to Overhead
6 Med Ball Throw to Sit Up
9 Hang Cleans + 9 Shoulder to Overhead
9 Med Ball Throw to Sit Up

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