Your Switchboard: Epigenetics

Simply engaging in water-cooler talk surrounding what one eats and what one does for training is often enough to rustle some feathers. If you’re lucky, you might be able to get an eye roll or two. It makes people defensive. Oddly, it’s a corner of the mind that forces ignorant sales people, marketing execs, auto

Deliberate Practice’s Secret X-Factor

As we’ve discussed and will continue to discuss, the holy grail of learning environments called deliberate practice is the pinnacle learning environment. We now know that deliberate practice trumps all forms of practice and is, by definition, the best way to maximize training adaptation from classical violin to golf. To review, there are three key elements

Here’s Where You’re Wrong

I’ve yet to meet someone who didn’t want to grow as a person. Not for nothing, we all want to evolve into something capable for bigger and better things. When we look at what this means on the most granular level, consider this: There’s nothing you currently believe to be true that will support this

Box Squat 1-2-3

The box squat is different than a traditional back squat. The goal here is to stretch the hamstrings and put the work into the hips. It should not feel the same as a back squat nor are you likely to have the same numbers that you do in a back squat when beginning. It’s easiest


Part of living in and around other people is reading signals. Signals that people are giving to precede their upcoming actions or let you know what they just did. Sharing spaces, sharing roads, and sharing resources requires us to read signals from other people. A very simple example of this is someone using the blinker