Field Trip to DEUCE: Tuesday July 2nd (5:30 PM)

Next Tuesday’s 5:30 PM class is taking a field trip. Class will be held at, you guessed it… DEUCE Gym in Venice. DEUCE is our newest fitness school and though it doesn’t have a grass floor, it isn’t like any place you’ve ever been. This is a one time unique opportunity to check out the

RX, Stimulus, and Scaling

I have been paying more attention recently to the internal decision making of athletes with regards to their weights and reps in workouts. This can be anything from picking heavier weights than appropriate, to picking lighter weights than appropriate, to scaling reps, pacing, self talk, breaks taken during sets, and finishing reps. There are many more

Strength Days

Arguably the biggest failure of any general physical preparedness (GPP) program is having a lack of heavy days. For whatever reason, it’s quite easy to program metabolic conditioning in the 10-15 minute range all day everyday and let strength take a back seat. This vital error is motivated by a multitude of factors, including student

Post Workout: The Holy Grail of Performance Nutrition?

Break out the shakers. It’s that prized “window,” as they call it. You’ve just finished working out and you’ve got T-minus forty minutes until you must eat or watch your fitness be completely erased. Right? Maybe. It seems that nutrient timing is it’s own field of study in the world of sports nutrition, yet this

The People Matter

Thought experiment time! Let’s pretend you’ve just shown up to the bluffs for class. The workout is five rounds for time of ten deadlifts, fifteen burpees, and a 400m run. Except this time, instead of the usual suspects, all your classmates are unexpected visitors. Your least favorite teacher in high school is your warm up