Tough Pills to Swallow

I’ve got to say this post is a bit candid. My stress level is through the roof, which for an easygoing person like myself is pretty tall task to achieve. The root of this stress is, like in most cases, a combination of things that have mounted into a lifestyle that is a bit out

Max Potential: The Unknown

What if you’ve never actually given your best? I often wonder, like a bad dream, if I’ve mistaken my perceived work ethic and drive as really only my 80%. Considering how often we surprise ourselves with our abilities to lift impossible weights, survive with impossibly too few dollars in our bank accounts, or stay true

Great Lengths

The Fake Gym, this program, this community, and this way of life (Yes- it is truly a way of life..) is really something special. Just the other day, I caught myself tired and not so motivated to workout. Yup, that’s right. Even the coaches feel unmotivated at times. Regardless, I began to think of you, our athletes,

Wide Eyed, And Better For It

At Functional Fitness on the Bluffs, our best students aren’t CrossFit Games competitors. Our best student’s don’t win local triathlons, either. Our best students are men and women with real jobs, real lives, and a real desire to learn. They also get the most from the program. My brother and a potent group of his

Get Your Mind Right!

In college, I was fortunate enough to play for one of the few NCAA Division I programs that had it’s own team sports psychologist. It was progressive and it made a lasting impact. This component was so important to me that years later I asked our psychologist, Karleen Sugarman, to join ORIGINAL Nutritionals’ ‘Team ORIGINAL.’