FFOTB Presents: Self Defense with Tait Fletcher

Some time ago I shared a story about my altercation with a potential thief on my property in a blog called, “Harder to Kill.”  Here I am thinking I’m batman and saved the day with my heroine actions, and within hours I had a good friend and expert in the matter, Tait Fletcher, remind me just

Dodge Soreness, Dodge Fitness

I caught a glimpse of a conversation the other day between a group of people that were all supporting two very clear points. The first was about how active they all were. They loved exercise, running, yoga, etc. The second thing they all agreed on was this notion that being sore was the enemy. They

The Sway

Our schedule at FFOTB offers some flexibility. Even students with memberships are able to choose which classes they’ll come to and which classes they’ll skip. There are Pros and Cons to this, but without getting into those details it’s worth noting that given this structure there is some variance in folks’ attendance habits. We will

Nutrition Experiment: Carb Backloading (2 of 3)

Last week I introduced my experiment with a nutritional strategy called Carb Backloading. Chances are it was the gross amounts of pizza and ice cream that perked your interest about CBL. Well, in Part 2 of this series I’ll get into the ‘Dirty’ version of my experiment. The third and final installment will cover the

Legs Again?

“Legs again?!” Yes, legs again. And, here’s why: Look down. Chances are you’ve got two points of contact with the ground. Yup, those are your feet. At this fitness school we are developing performance. In the world that we live in, we must navigate our tasks, for the most part, with two feet on the