8/9/16 - The DEUCE Tagline Decoded

Whether it’s the hand turned, 24 carrot gold painting or the hashtag on every post, you know our motto: “Hold the Standard.” It’s our fundamental promise and our expectation of ourselves and those we teach. We also have a tagline or slogan that you may see around, as well. It looks like this:

Performance | Community | Lifestyle

This is the nuts and bolts of what we are. Though it may look like a couple choice words that look nice in a footer, it’s our product mapped out for everyone to see. In fact, it’s a road map to victory inside the gym and out. DEUCE Gym - Infographic.ai-01

It’s important to note that we are starting with performance, because we are a gym. Jokingly, you’ve seen the unofficial motto “We don’t fix cars,” beause though we could inspire others to “hold the standard” and in rich their lives with excellence under the hood of a car (and people do, by the way) the flavor of our conversation is improving performance. This improvement comes in the way of the coaching relationship our athletes find in our GPP program and our specialty courses.

Performance gives us purpose, but that isn’t all there is here, of course. Chasing performance improvements in a like-minded group develops community, whether we say it does or not. That community can be formal with events, challenges, seminar, and social outings as much as it can be informal. The informal tug towards showing up and enjoying in each others successes may be the most powerful intangible force at DEUCE Gym.

But, wait! There’s more!

The Holy Grail for our offering is when 1) chasing performance is supported by a 2) community framework, and it bleeds into your 3) lifestyle. After all, what’s the hardest part about being fit and healthy? Many start, but few can live it. Living it indefinitely is an invaluable gift we can give when your lifestyle is altered. We see this daily, and guess what? When you make decisions with the 23 other hours you have in the day based on the one hour you have in the gym, it’s game over.

The beauty in the progression isn’t just that it’s a progression, which it is. Of course, the pursuit of 1) performance fuels the 2) community and the community supports the 3) lifestyle. Amazingly your 3) lifestyle bring this system full circle as it supports your 1) performance .People that sleep more, eat better, surround themselves with positive people, etc tend to get fitter, right?

What we have here are not just three cute words under our logo, we have the essence of what we are. What are we? We’re a sustainable life cycle, not unlike the relationship between the sun and the grassy earth and the animals that roam on it that has the capacity for self-sustaining excellence. If you follow the road map, you’re participating in sustainable fitness that only fuels more of it.


Logan Gelbrich


8/9/16 WOD

Spend 20 minutes on muscle up technique..




10 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

15 KB Swings (53/35)