6/8/16 - Test Day: Information is Power

There are training days and there are testing days. Today is a testing day. It’s is a day to check in and to do some analysis. Whether you like it or not, on days like today, you’re going to have a number next to your name that be a guide no different than the gauges in your car about what’s happening in your body.

Specifically in reference to today, the snatch will tell you about speed, power, strength, stability, and even flexibility in the body. The reasons you have success will represent general competency in those areas. The reasons you cannot advance in load are the areas that represent relative weakness and, therefore, the site of your focus going forward.

The one thousand meter row is a quick look at your middle distance capacity. Your potential in the short, several minute long burst will read out like a number in time today. Can’t go faster because there isn’t enough oxygen in the world? Your cardiovascular potential is the weakness that needs attention. Can you breath easy but your thighs burn too much to go any faster? Stamina and strength need some attention.

Without testing days like today, training days (like most of our days) wouldn’t have context, or proven value. Today is your day to reach down and see what’s in there.


Logan Gelbrich


6/8/16 WOD

Find a 1RM Snatch


Then, complete the following for time:

1000m Row