11/11/15 - Motivated and.. (There’s No ‘And’)

None of this works if you justify not doing it. Every single bit of life changing influence, empowerment, physical adaptation, and emotional change that is afforded to those that train here comes unraveled immediately when you create a story in your head about why it’s OK that you don’t show up.

No one cares.

When men and women drive 30+ miles to get here, it’s hard to hear you. When men with missing limbs make this for them, it’s hard to hear you. When seventeen year old girls work two jobs on top of school to afford training, it’s hard to hear you. When single mother’s who can’t afford child care and training but find a way to train, it’s hard to hear you.

There’s a reason the sign at the gate says, “Motivated people only.” It doesn’t say “Motivated and healthy people only.” It doesn’t say, “Motivated and rich people only.” It doesn’t say, “Motivated and people with everything-else-is-taken-care-of-in-their-lives only.” None of this works for anyone involved if you aren’t motivated.

Handle it.


Logan Gelbrich


11/11/15 WOD

5-5-5 Romanian Deadlifts




Complete 7 rounds for time of:

7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

7 Hang Power Snatches (115/75)

-Rest 1 min-