10/27/15 - Hit Them with the Vibes

Energy is a funny thing. You know, the energy in a room? Without any words spoken, everyone can fully understand the same feeling based on a vibe alone. These vibes are often reciprocated from the receiver back to the giver. This energy bounces off people and can mold our feelings and behaviors.

I distinctly remember feeling this and making note of it as early as ten years old. I’d be at a friends house with a big group of little league teammates. Us kids would be packed into a room quietly watching a movie after an afternoon of playing in the yard. The mood would be fun, but relaxing after an aggressive day running around in the yard. Everyone was in the same place emotionally and the room was dark and quiet. The unspoken energy in the room was our collective equilibrium.

BAM! The door swings open and another teammate (late to the party) walks in, “Hey, guys!” and plops down loudly. His rhetorical question, “What’s going on?” towers over the volume of the movie with a couple punches to the shoulders of the guys around him.

UGH! Like an axe, he has sliced a dirty gash in the energy in the room.

There are two obvious choices here. Our calm energy over powers his mistakingly load, playful energy or we meet him with our own rally of enthusiastic vibes.

This silly observation is something that happens around us all the time. By nature, we rarely speak of it. However, the power of the energy we give off in a room or a conversation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Are you bringing vibes that make the room better?


Logan Gelbrich



10/27/15 WOD

Complete the following for time:


Thrusters (115/75)

Toes to Bar


Find 50′ Yoke Carry