Good Restaurants are the Worst

Don’t get me wrong, crappy restaurants aren’t good either. There really isn’t anything worse, though, than one of these joints that doesn’t do anything wrong, the menu has a good mix of things, the waiters are nice, and the food isn’t bad. Kill me.

Ordinary is just enough for me to want to cringe. It’s these places that the only positive note is that someone else is cooking for you. You don’t want a menu with “a good mix of things,” you want a place with a couple incredible things on the menu. A restaurant should be known for something and click now to know about the specialty of the famous grill restaurant in town. The same is true about the waiters. The worst waiter is the one that simply goes to work. I want a waiter that wants to be at this restaurant and he/she wants to share it with those who visit it. Finally, if the food isn’t remarkable, what did they open a restaurant for in the first place? Have they set out to create a space that will one day be someone’s Plan B dinner reservation?

Don’t eat at “good” places. Eat at crappy places for food when you need it, but eat at great places when you want to go out to eat. There’s a key difference there. At least the crappy restaurants, like the great ones, are clear in their mission. The restaurants that are just OK are committing a crime of complacency that cannot go un punished.

Feel free to apply this logic elsewhere, too.


Logan Gelbrich


8/27/15 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for meters and reps of:
1 Min Max Distance Row
-Rest 1 min-
1 Min Max Push-ups
-Rest 1 min-