The two most common questions I get regarding ice baths: How much ice? For how long? My typical, initial response for both is the same: It depends.   Now, here’s the deal — context matters. (You already know this.) A great starting point, however, is to understand hormesis, a term describing minimal dosage to achieve maximal

CF Open Victory Party Friday

The results are in. We edged out our in-brand competition over the Crossfit Open. Each week for five weeks we took on our brother gym, DEUCE Backlot, and won! This wager wasn’t hypothetical, either. The loser is tasked with throwing a victory party for the other gym. Since we’ve won, DEUCE Backlot is hosting us at

Partner Workouts: An Observation

We are willing to let ourselves down before we are willing to let others down. Period. That’s an observation that is repeated over and over again in workouts with team and partner structure. Rather than judge it, let’s hear it for what’s in it for us.  There are times when it doesn’t pay to be

ENROLLING: Breath & Exposure Seminar

DEUCE Breath and Exposure is hosting its last seminar of 2019 Saturday November 23rd from 9:00am to Noon. The Breath and Exposure seminar is open to the public and serves as both a rich education and a remarkable experience.  Students will learn the intricacies of performance breath protocols in and an away from movement through

The Vertical Forearm

Whether you realize it or not, coaches are scouring the gym for a point of performance that athletes almost never master. It’s the vertical forearm. The reason it isn’t compiled to is because it doesn’t matter (until it does). What I mean by that is there are places in your training you can get away