#1 Advice: Get Sticky

When starting a new practice, there are a million books and maxims advising how to master habit formation, but none might be more important than this. You see, joining a gym and the subsequent results you’re after can, unfortunately, be a crap shoot. For some, their lives are never the same. For others, things just don’t… stick.

So, that’s the advice: get sticky. 

When you start something new, everything about your life is the same except this new thing. Your friends are all the same, you spend all of your other time the same, and you even think the same. All of this, of course, makes it difficult for this new habit to stick because it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy as a foreign element of your life that just doesn’t belong. Getting sticky makes it harder for this new habit to be removed from how your life works.

When I say that you ought to “get sticky” what I’m referring too is a deeper immersion to connect more parts of your life to the new habit as a means to form helpful nods of connection just like the sticky goop that makes for a good adhesive. In the gym context, it’s to create connections outside of the gym with classmates, participate in the group events, and (dare I say) spend time going down the YouTube rabbit hole of the lessons you’re learning. 

It’s way more difficult to quit the gym if you’ve got a breakfast club with a bunch of the members, so start a breakfast club. We can’t make this not working out easy for you. 

10/19/20 WOD


[Meet at Anderson Park]


[Meet at Pan Pacific Park]


Make 4 attempts at the following complex for load:
2 Tall Split Jerks
2 Split Jerks

Then, complete 3 rounds for quality of:
10 DB Skull Crushers + 15 DB Floor Presses
15 Biceps Curls
-Rest as Needed-

Then, complete the following for time:
200 KB Swings (70/53)

**Pay a 10 Up Down penalty with every break