Understanding the Properties of Love & Respect

If I squint my eyes, I can understand the mix up. Many of the things in our lives have clear properties of matter. From science, we know extensive properties vary with regards to weight, mass, and volume. When we get into how our brain thinks of things, we often call on (consciously or subconsciously) the law of conservation of mass. 

This law states that mass can neither be created nor destroyed. 

This is why you can’t destroy the mass of water, for example. It can become ice, vapor, etc but its mass, like that of any other things in our lives, is finite. For example, if you and six friends buy a six pack of Reese’s peanut butter cups, your mind recognizes that when in order for everyone to have some, you’ll need to break the candy up. Everyone would get less than a full candy. The trouble is when we assume this same property applies in all things.

Love, respect, responsibility, and compassion, for example, don’t hold the same properties as mass. It’s critical to understand this to navigate this time we’re in today. Showing love, compassion, and due respect to one group of people does nothing to the love, compassion, and respect available for another group of people. It’s not a fixed sum that must be divided. If hearing specific support for people of color, specifically black people, leaves you feeling like someone’s taken your candy, it’s time to grow up. 

Love doesn’t work that way. 



Daily Coaching Video 

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6/3/20 WOD

Pistol Progression:

Accumulate 40 alternating candlestick pistols or pistol with a counterbalance..


Apnea Training Series:

Complete 3 rounds for reps of:

Max 10m Walking Shuttles on an Inhale Breath Hold

-Rest 1:00-


**Athletes’ round score is number of completed 10m lengths. No halves. 



Then, AMRAP 20

Walking Lunges