Life is an Infinite Game

Former ball player here and I can tell you all about winning and losing. I’m all anti-participation trophy, “pays to be a winner”, and a not-everyone-gets-to-play kind of card carrying competitor. Baseball is a finite game. There’s one winner and one loser. If there’s a play at the plate, there’s no “pie expanding” negotiation to be had. Justice and fairness are not mandated. 

A pizza is a finite pie. With enough people sitting around the table looking at the same pizza there are behaviors that make or break your ability to get food in your belly. Being nice might not be one of them. Let it be known that pizza eating is a finite game. 

Check this out, though. Life isn’t.

And, as important as winning is, what’s more important above all is knowing what game you’re playing. Life is an infinite game. Playing it as if it’s a finite game means you lose. Period. This is true even if you play the game of life with the intensity of the 1992 Bulls (in a finite mentality).

No one needs to lose for you to win in an infinite game. Love, responsibility, recognition, financial success, confidence, and life itself are some of the many infinite games in our reality. These domains are not scarce.. Unless, of course, you treat them as if they are. Ironically, if you treat them like a finite game all that abundance tends to run for the hills. 


Logan Gelbrich  




Daily Coaching Video 

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4/30/20 WOD

Progressive Stability Work:

Complete 3 rounds for quality of:


20 Shoulder Taps w/ :01 Pause at top

Bear Crawl Forward 10m

10 Bird Dog (Right Arm)

Bear Crawl Backward 10m

10 Bird Dog (Left Arm)


Then, complete 4 rounds for reps of:


30 Air Squats

20 Hand Release Push Ups

10 Tuck Jumps

Max Burpees

-Rest 1 min-