Sunday Pop Up Shop

We’re getting the final push for the stock of your favorite snacks Sunday from 9-10am. This means we’re slanging all the Perfect Bars and Mush that your heart desires. You can also pick up the latest apparel drop, which pays homage to our humble beginnings at the Fake Gym. 

Don’t worry the shop is set up with six foot markers for social distancing and we’ll get you in and out in no time!

See you there!


Logan Gelbrich




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4/25/20 WOD

2 Rounds for quality:

12 Quadruped Scap Pushups

12 Alternating I-Raise in Childs’ Pose


2 Rounds for quality:

12 Prone Y-Raise w/ 2 sec pause

15 Tall-Kneeling Cuban Press


3 Rounds:

12 Door Frame Towel Row

10 Tempo Row (4-1-4)

:20 Iso Hold


3 Rounds: 

25 Soup Can Lateral Raise

:20 Iso hold


2 Rounds:

Supine Neck 3-way

25 Yes

15 Maybe (ea)

10 No (ea)