Pro Shop: The Official Fake Gym 2.0 Tee

The legacy of DEUCE includes some humble beginnings in a Santa Monica park. In those days, the “gym”, which had no walls or an address, earned a nickname: the Fake Gym. When the COVID-19 crisis shut down the gym industry, we quickly pivoted and the massive guerilla fitness efforts felt like our “fake gym” roots.

ENTER: Fake Gym 2.0

We’re proud to announce the release of our newest apparel project! This limited edition drop features the signature “2” in the Fake Gym 2.0 art and reference to the three locations spawned from an original unground training effort in the park in 2011. The front left breast also mentions our persevering hashtag: #KeepGoing. 

Support us with a purchase of your size today! Just use ‘KEEPGOING’ at checkout: SHOP NOW.


Logan Gelbrich 




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4/20/20 WOD

Dynamic Progression:


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

2 Broad Jumps

6 Plyo Push Ups

12 Jump Squats


Then, complete 6 rounds:

Max Distance Sprint on Breath Hold

-Walk 2 min-