Mind Travel Needs No Passport

It seems odd to talk about travel in a time when travel is all but halted worldwide. There’s a lesson here, nonetheless. Why do you think Anthony Bourdain said, “Travel changes you”? 

We know that travel, especially international travel, grows people, expands worldviews (literally), and contributes to development. The reason is more important than the travel itself. 

Traveling forces perspective altering information upon us. A shift of reality in terms of scenery, societal norms, style, and ways of life show important contrast to our own. While you might note be able to earn more stamps in your Passport right now, you can seek out perspective challenging information, however. In fact, a case could be made that there’s never been a more important time than now. 

You’re isolated and ruminating. It’s particularly dangerous and damaging to be isolating and ruminating on ideas you already have. My challenge to you is to seek out disconfirming perspectives. Challenge everything you believe. Does work need to look that way it always has for you? The answer is obviously “no”. Even breakfast can be put into question. Why do you eat breakfast? Are you hungry? Or, just doing what you’ve always done? 

Can’t travel in a plane? Travel in your mind. 


Logan Gelbrich



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4/19/20 WOD

Complete 3 rounds for quality:

25 Towel Superman

30 Towel Sit up w Rotation

:45 V-Sit hold w/ Overhead reach

-Rest :60-


Then, complete 4 rounds of:

:30 Towel Row Isometric hold

30 Prone BTN Towel Pulls

15 Sinlge-arm OH Towel Press (ea)

-Rest :60-


Then, complete 4 rounds of:

:30 Seated Towel Biceps Isometric hold

20 Single-arm Towel Hammer Curl (ea)

-Rest :60-


Then, complete 3 rounds of:

15 Doorway Towel Face Curl

45 Chair triceps ext 

-Rest :60-