Quarantine Coffee with Coaches

Tuesdays are our special event days and we’ve got another event for you! This time it won’t be a night time soiree, though. Start your day off right with coffee and maybe a bit of brunch with some of your favorite DEUCE Coaches today at 10am! Whether you are at work, on a walk, or at home… join, sip and chat with us.

We’ll be sipping and chatting on this Zoom link alone.. together. Join us!



Logan Gelbrich  



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4/21/20 WOD

Trunk Stability Progression:


Complete 4 rounds for quality of:

4 Side Star Plank + 4-Ct Iso Hold (L)

4 Side Star Plank + 4-Ct Iso Hold (R)

6 Slide-to-Hollow


Sprint Progression:

Find a max distance :15 sprint..


Then, complete 4 rounds for time of:

[Max Distance] Sprint

-Rest :90-