Fit to Acknowledge

I have to admit.. while walking around the neighborhood for the past two weeks, it’s been difficult to not take personally some of the social distancing that’s surrounded me.

Quick context, walking has been part of my regular routine for a long time. Rain or shine, I walk 30-60 minutes a day. Maybe the contrast between “normal” and current sidewalk interaction feels more pronounced because of this. Either way, each time I’ve walked past someone recently and noticed them explicitly, urgently moving away – into the road, several feet to the side, waiting in an alley, deliberately crossing the street! – I can’t help but entertain the thought (if only for a moment) that something’s wrong with me..

By all means, I keep my 6+ feet distance. (Hell, I did this when we didn’t even have social distancing orders.) And not only do I empathize with behavior that errs on the side of caution at this time, I support it. HOWEVER..

The difference between intentionally acknowledging versus intentionally avoiding someone else’s presence – even while taking extreme measures to create distance – is profound. To make eye contact, to smile, to nod.. these are not extravagant gestures. But they are rich expressions of human decency.

The call to action here is not to start striking up conversations with anyone and everyone. It is to better express your fitness to acknowledge. It is making a more concerted effort to communicate “I see you,” without even saying the words.

Contempt is chump change. Choose compassion.


Kimmy Moss 


3/30/20 WOD

Progressive Volume Work:

Complete 6 rounds for quality:

12 Hollow Rocks

15 Push Ups

20 Squats


Progressive Tempo Run

Run 12 Minutes Out

Return with a Negative Split (<12 Minutes)